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RE: ENR Article - This is a good one for the Marketing Thread.

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So share with us. How do you find a detailer for wood framing. I have enough
problems find draftspersons who can visualize what they are drawing. Where
do I find someone with structural knowledge who can do this and how much
responsibility do give them?
I have found an engineer who has scaled his practice down to where he only
does drafting work now. He has done a wonderful job for my associate in Los
Angeles and I will be using him on an upcoming project. I have no discussed
the possibility of letting him take off on the detailing (or if he even
wants to do this).

I would appreciate it if you could share this with us so we know how to seek
out someone qualified to do work as a detailer.


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We don't have a large staff (we're VERY small). I do what the contractors
do - hire the detailer.

The only differences are that he works for me under my direction, and plots
the stuff on my title block.

Easy as falling off a log.

However, it does require that you intimately understand the shop drawing
process. Many of our colleagues are perhaps not as up to speed as we might
be on this. That's my biggest problem. Training my engineers to get it
right at this level of detai.

Peter Higgins