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RE: You Are Your Own ISP?

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Are the CPUs connected to the Proxy Server with Ether net wires/cards?


At 04:35 PM 5/10/00 -0500, you wrote:

You don't need a router to do what you want,. My understanding is that you want to have internet access for all your computers via the one DSL line. All you need to do is to download some free/share ware for Proxy Server, and set up one of the least expensive (with minimum critical information) computer as a proxy server, and instruct other computers to connect to this server. If the proxy server computer can connect to the internet, all other computers can too.

I used Proxy+, they have free version for less than 5 computer network. Good luck

Larry Lao
Some time ago, you explained how to use a simple hub to connect two or three computers together and you mentioned tying in the DSL modem into the hub so that the other computers on the network can access it.

What is the difference between this and using a router. I was under the impression that you needed a router to share a DSL line.

Can you explain to me how to tie three computers and the DSL modem together without spending a fortune? Will I also be able to share files between each computer and use the printer connected to two of the three?