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Re: Loading machine

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Contact Mr. Juergen Paelke at Trellex in Hamburg, Germany.  They have a web
page but I don't have the address.

Juergen & I worked on steep angle conveyors in the early 80's, as well as
bulk material loaders and unloaders.  We also retrofitted self-unloading
vessels on  the (US) Great Lakes.  He still is in the business and can
provide you a wealth of information on equipment, cost, weights, and real
world operation.  You will be dealing with a REAL engineer.

The international magezine "Bulk Solids Handling" is another good source of
information, and Juergen has published many articles there.

If you can't find Trellex on the web, please email me directly,
viacalx(--nospam--at) and I'll give you a phone number.

Larry Oeth, PE
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Subject: Loading machine

> Hi,
> I need approximately the weight or the cost of a machine loading designed
> load phosphates (for ships: capacity 45.000 tonnes) from a marine dock of
> port.
> This cost is necessary to finish the evaluation a project of the extent of
> port in Morocco.
> Thanks in advance.
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> Kamal Aghbal
> Project Manager, SE, Morocco.
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