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Why you get dropped from the list

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Dear List members:

Many of you have asked why they were dropped from the list although they did not request to do so. Here is what can cause that.

Every three months I run a cleanup utility which removes all the bad subscribed email addresses from the list. However, if your mailbox is full or for some reason your mail server is down at that time, the cleanup utility will treat your address as bad and remove it from the list.

So, if you do not get an email from this list for one day, simply re-subscribe. It does no harm if you are already subscribed.

BTW, On Wednesday May 3, 2000 many of our subscribers were infected with the Love virus. The SEAINT mail server was processing over 189,000 email causing it to slow down significantly. I had to shut down the server, delete 189,000 email from it and then restart it.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.