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RE: Providing Notice Of Licensure

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It's no joke.  You'll notice that you have four methods to Providing Notice
of Licensure.  The first one, for me, is just displaying my wall
certificate on my office wall.  There is probably some history to this
(Section 463.5), but I first became aware of the possibility last Thursday
morning at our local engineering community monthly meeting when I overheard
some surveyors and civil engineers discussing the notice requirement.

Actually the fourth option is intriguing where the "Said posted notice must
be in at least 48 point type".

At 04:39 PM 05/10/2000 -0700, Dennis S. Wish wrote:
>I thought this was an April Fools joke when I read it.  I can understand
>posting my license in my office or even carrying around my card to produce
>if asked. But it is ludicrous to expect us to go out of our way to insure
>that our clients, who only care if we are allowed to do the work, know if we
>are licensed in the state. I've yet to find a client who was unable to find
>a practicing engineer through his attorney with the intent to litigate.
>Next step: Silver Badges, Mask and White horses - discrimination and equal
>rights laws prevent the trusty sidekick.
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>Subject: Providing Notice Of Licensure
>To all California licensed engineers:
>I don't remember seeing this requirement before - probably missed it in the
>work load here, but a new law went in effect on 3/10/00 tha concerns
>"Providing Notice Of Licensure"
>Check this out at:
>Neil Moore, S.E.