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RE: Roof deck reinforcing

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If you have a November 1999 copy of Modern Steel Construction, look at the Bouras Industries Advertisement on the inside face of the front cover.  Bouras' web site is  They may have it there.  The ad says the deck information is from "Deck Design Data Sheet 35".  Any way, they say that if the opening is less than 8" perpendicular to span with 2 webs removed, no reinforcement is necessary or you may reinforce with .o45" plate.  If two webs are removed for an opening from 8" to 13" they say to reinforce with .057" plate.  If the hole is over 13" they say design engineer should provide a frame.  I have used a similar guideline that I think was published by Vulcraft, but I can't find the source that I based my detail on now.
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Subject: Roof deck reinforcing

When using 1 1/2" metal roof deck (1.5B22) spanning no more than 5'-0", we include a detail that specifies reinforcing for the deck at roof openings up to 8'-0" x 5'-0".
At what point do you say that the opening is small enough that reinforcing is not required?  Specifically, I would say that a 4" plumbing vent is OK without reinforcing, but a 24" x 30" roof hatch is not.  Somewhere in between is a cut-off size.  Is there a common practice?
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