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Re: ENR Article

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I recently submitted a fee to an architect to design a pre-engineered
building foundation, for which I use a fee equal to 1/2 the fee for a
conventionally framed building of the same footprint.  The architect
informed me that my fee was $1,600 more than his total fee!  I didn't feel
any pressure at all to amend my fee.  If he wants to work for nothing,
that's his business (literally).

Concerning "published design fee curves", it's my understanding that the
justice department considers that price fixing.  Would I be in jeopardy if I
submitted for discussion a post to this list server describing the method I
use?  And possibly attaching a fee calculator spreadsheet?

John P. Riley
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa

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 I concur with those in the ENR article who say that the "decline in quality
of contract documents results from economic pressures".  In general building
codes and required engineering knowledge are getting more complex but design
budgets are getting tighter.  There is tremendous pressure to find ways to
"cut corners" to reduce costs and to be more competitive.  I also think that
the elimination of published design fee curves has caused engineering to
become "too competitive" such that the quality of work is suffering to meet
the lower fees.  In my opinion, this is one of the most serious challenges
that structural engineers face today.  Unfortunately, I see little action on
the part of national engineering organizations to provide solutions to this