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An Alliance

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Dear SEAINT Members,

We are looking for professionals and / or companies
to make an alliance.

My company SISTRUT, works with development software
to Structural Engineering here in Brazil.  (English)

We have two lines of products:
[1] software to structural engineering
        following the Brazilian Code
        not 100% applicable in USA
[2] datawarehouse system on internet (SADP)
        a central storage system to manage files /

This second product that we are interested in make an

We are registered and receiving all SEAINT mails than,
we take special attention on datawarehouse subjects
like 'Buzzsaw' .

What is SADP ?

SADP are the initial letters in Portuguese of System
storAge Data Projects (Sistema de Armazenamento de
Dados de Projetos) .

SADP is a datawarehouse system where a CLIENT, owner
of the account, can manage many projects and many
professionals USERS registered.

The CLIENT can:
{a} open a new project
{b} register USERS (professionals and / or companies)
        select a level for each USER like architect,
        structural electrical, etc.
{c} link a USER for one or more projects opened
        For each project linked, the USER will have
        hability to read, save or read + save
        / UpLoad).
        For each project linked, the USER will can
        your own level and others levels choosen by
        CLIENT. For example, the USER registered like
        'structural' could have the hability to read
        (DownLoad) architect, etc.
{d} view the CLIENT, project and USER historic
{e} change and update password, email, etc
{f} send and receive messages to users

The USER can:
{a} send and / or receive files of a project
{b} send and receive messages to the community
{c} view your own USER historic
{d} change and update password, email, etc

When someone send a file to the system, the system
automatic send an email for all USERS registerd in
this project with the hability to read the level of
the file that was sent. This email have information
about the file (new / update), size, who sent, level
and comments typed by who sent.

When someone read a file from the system, this
operation will be registered on historic of the USER
and project.

How this files go UP and go DOWN ?

The HTTP + WWW are the best way to manage this
information but, the FTP protocol has the best
performance to transfer files from local machines to
the server - remote machine.

The SADP works with both protocols ... How ?

To make an UpLoad, send and register a file in a
project (first time or update) , you will send one or
more files simultaneously to a temporary FTP area of
CLIENT account.
Here you can work with a FTP program, your browser,

After transfer this files to a temporary FTP area, the
USER will register these files on the appropriate
project.  After loged in on SADP, the USER will
register these files on the system giving the name of
the file (same or modified), the project of this file,
the comments of 'what is this file', etc .

When this file is storage by the system, it will be
moved to another area on the server that only
registered USERS can access to download
after loged in on the system (security).

If the file has the same name of another file storage,
the system check the first log of who sent the file
and compare with the log of who are sending the new
file. Only with the same log, the system will
understand that the upload is an update of the file
and will update the file and 'append' the comments of
the file in the old
comments (dated).

How to DownLoad ?

After loged in, when the USER select to do a download,
the USER will receive a list of project that he has
the permission to read. After the project selected,
the USER will can choose to view all files (levels
that he has the hability for read) or only the files
os specific(s) level(s).

When this files are showed, the USER will can view the
file name, size, first registration, last update,
comments (dated) with each update received of the file
and a DownLoad link.


What realy we are looking for ?

We would like to propouse an alliance with the terms:

[1] The SEAINT members will first choose 2
representative members to receive free this system.

These 2 members should read and understand a little
bit of Portuguese or Spanish (so close of Portuguese).
The SADP system is in Portuguese 'for while'

Each one will open an account on the server Digiweb
(host) in Washington ( - the
server where Sistrut host your site), a WEBSTATION
account. We recommend that the technical email
registered are  sadp(--nospam--at) Each one will
receive an LOGIN and password.
Each one will change for a temporary password and send
it to Sistrut install the system SADP there.

the system SADP do not have limitations of area. The
area limit will be contracted for each one with
Digiweb or another host.

These 2 membres will be the CLIENTS and they can
register USERS in their account.

These 2 members will open in theirs account, a project
named 'test' and will register SISTRUT too like an

[2] for two months, we are support these CLIENTS and
USERS with the system resources, language, etc,
sending messages through SADP system.

[3] after it, we will start the English version of the

Every one from SEAINT will can order for a particular
installation at the digiweb server like in [1].

The first two representative members do not have to
pay for the system.

The new members will pay US$ 30,00 for each month
while the system is being writen in English.  All text
in English will be propouse by SISTRUT and the

[4] final product.

Here in Brazil, the system SADP cost R$ 3.600,00 (1
US$ = 1.70 R$) or US$ 2.100,00 . Here in Brazil, after
4 months the CLIENT have to pay R$ 130,00 of tax for
each month (US$ 76,00) or year tax 30% off .

We intend that the English version on USA will be
saled for US$ 900,00 (3 x 300,00) and after 4 months
the CLIENT will have to pay US$ 20,00 of tax for each
month or year tax 30% off (US$ 168,00).

FOR SEAINT MEMBERS that participated on [3], the final
cost will be US$ 600,00 less 'N' x 30,00 (N=number of
months paied on [3]), never greater than US$ 100,00
each month.  After finiseh it, the CLIENTE will have
to pay US$ 10,00 of tax for each month or year tax 30%
off (US$ 84,00)

Sory my mistakes in English !

Thank you for your attention

Marcelo P. Picarelli
SISTRUT Software e Tecnologia

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