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RE: Block Lintels

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I presume that you are doing a UBC working stress design.  You are allowed
to design any element as uninspected using 1/2 stresses.  This should
include block lintels.

If you are using BOCA, SBC, or the IBC, you are referenced to the ACI 530.
The provision for using 1/2 stresses for uninspected masonry have been
deleted from ACI 530 some time ago.  All elements must be inspected.

I prefer requiring inspection.  All the problems, I have ever observed
involving masonry would not have mattered if 1/2 stresses were used, but
could have been averted with a proper inspection.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Block Lintels
> When using uninspected masonry construction, should block lintels be
> designed using 1/2 stresses?
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
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