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RE: Seismic Design Manual - Vol. 2.

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I don't mean to through a wrench into the works, but I, too, was one of the
dozens who reviewed volume 2. We submitted our comments last year (August I
think) and were later told that there would be another revision cycle. As I
understand it now, the publication was sent to printing as a decision was
made not to go through a second revision process and anything that was not
resolved by August of last year (in the wood section as far as I know)
remains the same.
In my opinion, this means that the publication was simply held in limbo
until recently when it was released for printing.
I have not received a final copy to review, but I did receive a call from an
engineer locally who had a few issues with the wood section. One in
particular was that the rigid diaphragm analysis example allowed for
negative shears in the distribution to be used to reduce the distributed
shear into the walls. It is our understanding that the code will only allow
you to add additional shear, not reduce it as this would create conditions
(especially where skewed walls are used) that might result in soft-stories
or open front structures.
He pointed out a number of other issues that were unresolved as of yet.

I would like to recommend that if anyone has specific issues with the
problems and examples in the publications that they bring them up on this
list. Some of the members of the Wood committee (myself included) will
follow the threads and submit them to the wood committee for review and
comment. I have not been successful in starting a public wood Listservice to
focus on these issues.

Please feel free to bring them to my attention and I will maintain a file of
all issues that need clarification by the committee.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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I think that you are right in finding it appalling (substitute whatever word
you like) that a seminal publication like this is not released earlier.

At the same time (my-fellow Cornellian) buddy Constantine pointed out
correctly that it was a volunteer effort for the most part (e.g. do not
expect much speed in the process). BTW I one of the several dozens of
engineers reviewing some of the more bug ridden drafts of some examples of
Vol.1 and 2. and could see first hand how difficult to get people to invest
their time doing this.
I think it would be great to find alternative sources to finance this
(pharmaceutical companies are routinly spending a fortune for semi-promo
presentation dinners at the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Regent Wilshire, and
inviting non-MD-spouses like me). So far I was able to get some Subway
sandwiches for our staff when we have in-house seminars by vendors of
various building products :)

As an alternative, I would suggest to put the whole Manual and the
forthcoming issues on the SEAOC web site (even in a draft format) and assing
a custodian to each example to make changes as people comment on.

While, this would speed up the process, it would strip SEAOC the revenue
from the sales. And then there are some issues regarding who and when
allowed to make changes...(I might be a bit naive)

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