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RE: My comments and the SEAOSC Elections

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In this, I think that we agree. I don't fault those who have volunteered to
run for office, I fault those of us - the members - to allow this to happen
and who do not take the iniative to invest their efforts in the workings of
the community. Still, I stand behind the comments I made and feel strongly
that those who do serve as director or any position within SEA and who wish
to represent the members, do so by reaching out and communicating with the
one real tool that we have - our Listservice and Website (okay, 2 tools).

Change can not happen until the force of the majority is driving the effort.


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I know there are quite a few members from the nominating committee on this
list. I hope one of them will explain to you why there are no choices.

As far as I know, the board was presented with a long list of nominees for
each position. Most of them DENIED. Why? Because it is a time consuming

Personally I think that majority of the Structural Engineers are "takers"
not "givers". That is where the problem is.

"Ask not what your association has done for you, ask what you have done for
your association." (modified JFK quote)


At 11:29 AM 5/13/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I have probably said too much already, but I need to add one more comment.
>gain no satisfaction from being critical of a professional organization
>which I have supported faithfully for almost twenty years. I believe,
>optimistically, that there are appropriate solutions to problems but that
>the cure is not without some discomfort and will require a great deal of
>Bill Allen and others were on the mark with their comments. Volunteering
>does not relinquish responsibility or grant unquestionable authority. At
>very most, volunteers and elected members of SEA are repetitive not
>"leaders". The direction of the organization is led by the members not by
>the board. Volunteers are only granted the right to become involved in the
>policy making process.
>The fault of all of this lies here upon our (the members) shoulders for not
>taking enough responsibility to assure that we are in control. We (the
>members of SEA) have relinquished our authority and rationalize it as
>helplessness to do anything about it.
>I received a ballot from my local SEA chapter yesterday. There are no
>choices, and no competition. There are two openings for the position of
>Director and there are only two choices. There is only one position of
>Directory of the Orange County SEA and only one choice. One position for
>Treasurer and one choice. The only competition will be for the position of
>PE director where two people are running.
>Look at the resume's - impressive. PHD's, Masters, SE's, large companies,
>years of experience, but not one representative of the small or independent
>office. Not one mention of interest in technology or the future
>technological advancements for our profession. Nor is there any desire on
>anyone ones part to unify the structural community worldwide and open our
>doors to sharing information and work.
>Only one member running for office mentions representing the members -
>George Battey III. How will he do this if he is not participating on this
>List. Where is he obtaining his understanding of what the members want?
>Martin Johnson (running for Director representing Orange County) is
>"committed to promoting quality in design and business practices, and in
>representing the concerns of practicing engineers."  Might I remind you
>Martin is the current chair of SEAOC Seismology committee. Who has he
>represented so far?
>Saiful Islam is "committed to the advancement of SEAOSC and the structural
>engineering profession at the state and national level."  A common theme
>what does this really mean?
>Richard Hess "strives to increase membership in the Association and
>participation in our committees as a means of enhancing the quality and
>influence of our profession." This is as close to a provable truth as each
>applicant comes. Richard has a good history as committee chair and active
>member of SEAOSC. I believe he is a good choice and will accomplish his
>goals. However, I do believe that even Richard needs to participate with
>this List so as to become closer to the members of the profession and
>understand what the needs of the small and independent office are.
>Y. Henry Haung has some very impressive credentials and is "committed to
>improvement of structural performance by improving codes and code
>enforcement." Again, now can this be done without involvement with the many
>concerns raised by the members of this list. In all honesty, I do not
>remember postings or opinions on the list by Mr. Haung.
>I might add that each of these members who is running as extremely
>impressive credentials, but what good are credentials when running a
>professional organization requires people skills and the ability to
>communicate with the members and find out what the real problems are than
>need to be corrected? How can you improve codes and enforcement if you have
>already told the members that this is simply too difficult when SEAOC alone
>does not have the power or lobby strength to overcome a vote on the floor
>ICBO if only to correct an error originating from your own work.
>Some may feel it is inappropriate for me to criticize those members running
>for office. My opinion is that they are asking for my vote (albeit I don't
>have a choice other than Director PE), have gone public in the effort to
>gain votes and are therefore open to public scrutiny.
>There surely must be others out there who are on this List who can run for
>these offices. There are others on this list who are strongly opposed to my
>comments - even these people would be better choices since they are
>in the discussions. It isn't a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with my
>position or any others. I would support any member, regardless of opinion,
>who has for the last year or more been involved with the members of this
>List as more than a distant lurker. I want to know how each of these people
>plan to accomplish the goals that they are so adamantly committed to.
>Dennis S. Wish, PE