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Formwork Design Question

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Project specifications state that formwork shall be designed in accordance 
with ACI 347R-94.

ACI 347R-94, Guide to Formwork roughly states "formwork should be design for 
all foreseeable horizontal loads such as seismic, wind, ...."  ACI 347R is 
only a design guide not a code.

Party #1 is requiring that seismic loads be used when designing formwork for r
etaining walls, etc.

Party #2 is objecting to designing formwork considering seismic loads as 
unreasonable and outside of normal practice.

I don't do formwork design/review in my office and I don't have many 
references other than an older edition of ACI SP4 and ACI 347R-94.  I checked 
the 1999 Caltrans Standard Specifications and I didn't find any requirements 
for seismic loads on falsework. 

My questions are as follows:

1)  Do you include seismic loads when designing formwork?  If so, under what 
2)  Does the fifth edition of ACI SP4 show examples of the application 
seismic loads to formwork design?
3)  Are there any design/building codes that require seismic design for 

Bob Conley, PE