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Seismic Design Manual - Vol. 2.

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My issue is not whether it is free or $50. Also, I had been participating in the edition of some voluminous technical stuff. My experience is that,unless it is a very simple subject, you can endlessly re-edit, re-format, embellish, enhance these types of documents. There are barely any document that most of us would not be able to better.

However, I have also found the process very slow. Some examples that I was proof-reading (there were probably a significantly larger number of people who commented on individual examples, than that listed at the beginning of the booklets) got back to us after a year for a second cycle.

Considering, that there are thousands of engineers that are using Chapter 16 daily and the legal consequences of misusing the code, it would be a good idea to rethink the way it is published.

Yesterday, I just wanted to point out, that we have the technology that makes a collaborative effort in future publishing documents like this relatively simple, and allows the dissemination of information in a timely fashion.

I truly appreciate the work of those who volunteered their time in making my life easier in clarifying some intricate details of Chapter 16 that neither me nor some of the Seismology Committee Members could decipher off-the-bat.

Attila Beres, PhD, PE
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