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Re: Ignoring Foundation Design With Site-Specific Geotechnical Reports/opinion

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In my opinion anyone who does not follow the opinion and recommendation of an expert
is generally entitled to do so, but does so at his or her own peril.  That is true
of a patient not listening to his doctor, an architect not listening to her
engineer, or a criminal not listening to its lawyer.

In this case if the engineer feels there is some reason that patching is adequate,
it is within his rights to go with his opinion rather than that of the geotech.
This may be the case.  On the other hand, if he did so for personal or client
financial gain he is being very unprofessional, and potentially broke if the geotech
is proven correct by Mother Nature.

Philip Hodge, PE

Chris Lillback wrote:

> Gentlemen,
> I have a need to know the general consensus/opinion re: a licensed Structural
> Engineer who, contrary to an existing (and current) geotechnical report which
> recommends underpinning via a deepened foundation, would recommend fixing a
> structural problem through repouring (patching) the existing foundation to its
> original status.
> Of course he, (the S.E.), stated that UBC chap 34 (section 8106 city of LA) only
> required fixing, repairing, or rehabilitation with the same type of construction
> of the structure when the aggregate value of work does not exceed 10 per cent of
> the total.
> I guess I need to know if there are others who feel as I do that this
> "professional engineer" was.....
> Chris Lillback, P.E.
> I apologize beforehand, if this is not the venue to post such a query.