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Re: Prestressed flat slab in seismic zone 4

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Look at deformation compatibility very closely.  My bet is that you will
have a hard time getting shear to work at the column face.  I went to a
seminar given by Gosh last fall.  He told us that if you follow the '97
UBC to the letter, you can't get flat slab designs to work.  I am not
that familiar with '94.  I would assume it is very similar though.  The
problem is the hinging at d away from the column face when you push the
frame to (3/8)*Rw.  This will create a high shear demand.

Good Luck.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT

"M. A. Mufti" wrote:
> The architect has proposed a structural system consisting of prestressed
> flat slab on rcc columns at 9.0 m by 9.0 m grids with rcc shear walls.
> The building lies in seismic zone 4. Apart from using Rw=8 (ubc 94),
> 100% seismic shear to walls, flat slab frame non-seismic resistant with
> deformation compatibility, are there any other aspects to be considered
> in design. Especially regarding detailing of slab-column joints and
> the effect of prestressing?
> M. A. Mufti