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RE: Formwork Design Question

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Mr. Conley Stated:

>>>Project specifications state that formwork shall be designed in
with ACI 347R-94.<<<

>>>ACI 347R is only a design guide not a code<<<

At the start of my copy of ACI 347 it states:

"ACI Committee Reports, Guides, Standard Practices, and Commentaries are
intended for guidance in designing, planing, executing, or inspecting
construction, and in preparing specifications.  Reference to these
documents shall not be made in Project Documents.  If items found in these
documents are desired to be part of Project Documents, they should be
phrased in mandatory language and incorporated into the Project Documents."

I believe that it is the position of ACI that ACI 347 is not written in
mandatory language and thus if it was incorporated into Project Documents
it would not be enforceable.  As a result if you want the contractor to
design for seismic loads the owner should be prepared to pay for any
additional costs.

You might want to look in the current version of ACI 301 to see how they 
specify formwork design.  I believe that they basically leave it to the

It is my experience that the majority of structural specifications
reference various ACI documents with the same disclaimer.   Given the many
postings on this list that have expressed concern about liability exposure
it is baffling why so many specifications reference documents that are not

Mark Gilligan