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IMPORTANT***SEAOSC Elections and representation*** please read.

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To all SEAOSC members.

I received a ballot for the SEAOSC board of directors which must be returned
by 10:00AM on the 6th of June. I am disappointed that there was only one
position for board of director (Director PE) that offered a choice. IF YOU

You do have another choice - write in the names of those you believe would
best represent your needs on the board of directors. Write-in a vote to
inform the current board of directors that you believe members must have
choices and that you are not supporting their current ballot nominations.
Your choice will most likely not win the election, but you will have had a
voice in the election process. There should be more discussion among members
as to how we want to be represented and who is best qualified to serve our

You can choose to be LED or you can choose to be REPRESENTED. To be
represented, you must know how a candidate will ascertain your needs. This
Listservice has been around for more than four years. Those who truly wish
to represent the members have had the opportunity to participate or have
been doing so recently. They are not simply making promises to represent the
members. With the exception of mass mailing (and I don't remember a mass
mailing that asked me for my opinion as to how I wish to be represented),
the Internet connectivity is the most powerful way to reach constituents. If
those running for service on the board do not have the ability or desire to
participate with the on-line community of professionals, they can not
adequately determine how paid members desire to be represented. Possibly,
for the first time in SEA history we have a means to collectively express
our needs and review the qualities of those who wish to represent us. We
must use these tools to help shape our future and to convey to those in
policy making positions what we expect from building codes, education, how
our dues are spent and a myriad of other issues. We must be able to make
informed decisions and it is appropriate to enter the names of those we feel
are qualified to represent our needs on the board of directors.

LURKERS: This is your one shot at expressing your desire as to how you wish
to be represented or led. It does not matter whether you work for a large
office or are an independent, whether you participate or simply lurk you
have a voice. You are not bound to support your company's positions simply
because they pay your dues. You have a responsibility to decide how best to
be represented. You need to feel that your voice is being heard and a
write-in vote expresses your desire for change AND allows you to maintain
your anonymity at the same time.

Your are doing a disservice to your fellow members and your profession when
you do not cast a ballot. It is appropriate to discuss these issues on this
forum or you will continue to feel powerless to act. You have power, whether
you win or lose and that power is called CHOICE. I urge you to accept the
ballot or write-in the names of candidates you feel will best represent you.
Whether or not the person accepts the position is irrelevant. You will have
passed along a strong message that the you do not support the choice (or
lack of) presented to you.

Don't neglect the ballot sent to you. We are at the threshold of a new
technology that gives more credence to individual voices. When we find that
we are speaking the same thoughts, our voices combined to become an
exceptionally strong lobby and one that must be heard.

In the last year, we may not have accomplished much in the way of code
change. However, we have accomplished a great deal in that attention is
being paid to our opinions and dissatisfaction. As time goes on, more
emphasize will be placed on the power of the Internet to unite engineers and
our collective energies will become a driving force in the evolution of the
structural engineering profession.

I implore you to cast your ballot - as is or with a write-in. Don't let
policies proceed as they have in the past on the power of Apathy.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
structures(--nospam--at) <mailto:structures(--nospam--at)>
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax