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RE: structural design companies

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This is not so easy to answer. Some companies hirer engineers over
technicians or production people as they need to make one investment and
have a need for design and analysis more than just drafting. They also might
need help that can complete work unsupervised. This makes the cost
difference easier to tolerate.
Others only need draftspersons. Even here it is difficult as some firms are
willing to train in order to hire at a smaller wage. Others, like my office,
would rather have a draftsperson that is structurally trained and can do a
great deal on their own but must still be supervised.

I don't think that one is any more advantageous than the other. It simply
depends on the needs of the specific company.

There is a growing affinity to establish Portals or Extranets in order for
teams who are not within the same office to share work. Still, this requires
education in order to learn how to use the technology to your advantage.
This will take time but one thing is sure - we need to move with technology
or the effort to catch-up will become almost insurmountable when the time
comes and we need the tools.

Hope this helps with some of your questions.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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Subject: structural design companies

....hello this is a question to all who working a
structural design company ..
    in your opinion how will be the squad composition
and sharing of works, related   preparing of design
calculations and drawings on a design company .
for example; some companies take a few engineers
but lot of  tecnicians (for drawing), engineers just
make calculations and tell tecnicians how  drawings
will be , but in some companies thereis more engineers
than tecnicians and engineers make most of work by
theirselves ,draw formwork plans and some details
,calculations vs..
i think u understand what im askin: how must it be in
your think for best ,or what types r using on usa
design companies  please share with me
thank u

Hakan Ezcan

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