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Re: Ignoring Foundation Design With Site-Specific GeotechnicalReports/opinion

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I concur. I neglected to state that the situation involved a structural failure and poor soil conditions. The engineer of record makes the final decision.
Chris Lillback

Peter Higgins wrote:

I might ask whether the GE was overstepping the bounds from soils to

GE's report on soils conditions. The SE decides what to do with the
information as it affects the structures under his/her seal. The decision
to reinforce, leave alone, underpin, footing type, etc. belongs to the
structural engineer, not the geotechnical. Indeed, precious few GE's have
the skills to attempt this decision and should not stray  from their brief.

The general rule is: If you have no responsibility for something (seal it),
then you have no authority over it either.

When such "recommendations" come in a report, I either get the GE to omit
them or ignore them altogether. It's sort of like their common
recommendations on thickness and reinforcing of floor slabs. They aren't
sealing the slab drawing so I don't pay a lot of attention to their
recommendations. The minute they want to put their seal on the slab
drawing, I'll let them decide what is put on it.

If you don't follow this course, you're essentially abrogating your
authority over the design, and taking responsiblilty for another's

Peter S. Higgins. SE
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