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Re: FW: Concrete Shearwalls

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Eric, thanks for your response.  I think I am still missing a concept
though.  You are right in that the yield curvature is lower if use use
lw instead of C`u, this is the problem.  If the yield curvature is
lower, then the calculated total curvature is lower (ult curv = YIELD
CURV + plastic curv).  If the ult curvature is lower, I am less likely
to need B.E.  I have some books in my office, and will review this
concept again Monday.  But it looks like my answer is this - the UBC is
interested in the max compressive strain (conc.)  The side effect of
using Ec/C`u is that if the wall goes inelastic at all (Delta M > Delta
y), then you are required to have boundary elements.  Numbers might help
better explain.  I will try another post later.

Again, Thanks for your help.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT