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Volunteerism's rewards?

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I'm a fan of yours, but I'm baffled. Let me get this straight.

I tell a horror story about 6 years work of a fine committee of qualified
persons poured down the drain as a result of ego, politics, and ignorance.
A tale so bad that it has induced a hard core volunteer to give up in total

And you interpret this as support for a clarion call to the rest of the
membership to immediately volunteer for more?

Gee, maybe we should ensure everybody gets in on it. Let's place the
following advertisment:

Come One! Come All!
Join Up Now!
Work your proverbial backsides off for several years. No pay. Rotten hours.

Watch the whole effort be p----d away by a bunch of other persons with no
experience at all in the field, (after they told you they approved of it)
And, as a special added bonus! - See your carefully built reputation
publically  impugned in the ICSC/ICBO Building Standards for all to see!

Why, SEAOC had better brace itself for a stampede. What more could anyone
ask for?

To use the vernacular: Whatever it is you're smoking must be good stuff.

No offense intended. This is an attempt at humor, abeit strictly of the
gallows variety.

Peter S. Higgins, SE