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RE: Seismic Design Manual - Vol. 2.

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Why does everything have to be taken to the extreme to prove a point?

No, there probably aren't any error free text books or error free structural
drawings for that matter. But 20 pages of errata (as in Vol 1)? Gimme a

Before I buy Volume 2, I want either a refund or a replacement for Volume 1.

Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||I agree with Shafat's comments, this manual should be
||concidered an aid, not the "scripture".  Do any of you have
||error free text books.  You need to use your judgement.
||One thing I found interexting when studng for the SE exam was
||that I had 3 different study aids created by 3 different
||authors who produced 3 different solutions and answers for
||the same problem givin on a previous exam.
||It is easier being the critic than the artist.  How many
||movies have Siskel and Ebert made?