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Steel frame in the coastal environment?

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Our firm is working with an arch. and a contractor on a 4 story Hotel at an Atlantic Ocean coastal beach location. The arch. and contractor had a rude awakening last week when they found out the prestress contractors in the area could not come near the schedule that they require to build the hotel. It appears they could get plank in a reasonable to late schedule, but the second floor and first floor (i.e. basement) framing is made up of a frame to allow for parking. The load-bearing walls come down at approximately 28' o.c.. The arch. had planned on going with the prestress contractor's frame system, but it is not available until Nov.. Post-tension contractors are in the same predicament time-wise.

We generally don't even think about recommending steel, but I thought I would ask the list if they knew of any successes that we could research for a frame system in the coastal environment.

Thank you,
Richard Lindenberg
Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.
-- Richard Lindenberg, rel(--nospam--at) on 05/15/2000 at 3:07:27 PM