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Different Approacah to Virus Protection?

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This is a "Grandfather, father, son" backup system. All Adaptec has done is
automate the process a bit. The only way it works reliably is if you back
up religiously on a regular basis. At that point it will restore the drives
to the state they were at during the last backup made before the virus hit.
If your last back up was yesterday, you're in good shape (if losing a days
work is considered great). However, if your backup is a couple of weeks
old, well....

You might try cloning the system area of your hard drive to another hard
drive, and then either remove it (via a docking station) or disconnect it
within the computer (if you don't). That way,  you can restore your
operating system to a prior known good state. Your data backup should be
separate from this entirely. There are several products out there for this.
I use Norton Ghost.

Peter Higgins