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RE: Different Approach to Virus Protection?

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I use it and have spoken of it a few times. Goback was written originally by
a company called Wildfile which was just purchased by Adaptec. It is an
excellent product that remembers the state of your hard drive a various
different "Safe points" in time - depending on how much drive space you
allocate for it to use. I have 500 Megs allocated on my 12 gig hard drive on
my laptop. The program tracks all changes you have made to files and records
a mirror copy of the sector information on your hard drive (which break down
into binary numbers or 1 and 0). If you lose information, get infected with
a virus or simply want to recall different evolutions of the same paper your
were writing, you can either retrieve past versions of the files as you made
changes and save them to a new name and location OR you can revert your
drive to the state it existed at some time in the past. The size of the
drive that you allocate for Goback determines how far back in time you can
go. In my case, I generally get between 24 and 36 hours which is more than
sufficient for most of the problems that arise (corrupted drawings,
overwritten spreadsheets or files changed before I intended to save the

I consider this an invaluable tool and would not feel comfortable without
knowing that it was on my computer. It works in the background and has no
degradation affect on your computer - in fact you may forget it is there. I
have never had a crash occur caused by this program and have been using it
for almost a year.

The only known problem I have with it is that I can not use the "sleep"
functions of my laptop to save data to the hard drive before shutting down.
This is a feature that allows Dell's and other machines to shut down and
instantly restart where you left off. I went to their website and the work
around is to create a new partition on the hard drive to save the "sleep" or
suspend to disk files. This will allow both programs to coexist without


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Subject: Different Approacah to Virus Protection?

A letter in the L.A. Times this morning suggested a $69 product, GoBack by
Adaptec.  The writer calls it, "the best tool available to prevent virus
problems.  .   .   [it] allows me to take my computer file system back to a
time when the virus didn't exist, and bring the known good files back with
me  .   .   ."

Is anyone using this?  Does this make sense?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer