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RE: Different Approacah to Virus Protection?

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I'm not sure I follow Davids comments. Goback maintains a log of every saved
change that occurs on your hard drive including temporary files. You can not
control this other than to filter out the files that you do not want to
appear on the database list - however Goback still tracks these files.
If you revert your drive, files that existed at the time of the reversion
which were changed later will be over-written. However, you can either save
the files in another location or on a zip drive OR you can, after reverting
the drive, use Goback to locate all recent files and restore them.
Let's assume that you had a virus that affected your system at 10:00AM. All
files that were created in the next few hours may not be affected by the
virus, however your system files are (or MAPI files in the case of the
latest worms).
You can use Goback to reinstate your drive to 9:56 AM before the virus
struck and you end up correcting the virus problem. However, all files that
you created after 10:00AM are no longer on the drive. You need to use Goback
to find the list of all files created after 10:00AM and pick out those you
wish to bring back to your drive - they still exist as a record of them is
recorded in Goback.
Just remember that you may be bringing back the file that launched the
virus - especially if you bring back a PST file from Outlook that contains
the offending message. In this case, since you are aware of the virus, you
can isolate the offending post and simply erase it.

I have never had Goback wipe out all files that I could not recover.

One final note - It was reported that the Goback technology will be
incorporated into the next upgrade to Windows 98. A licensing agreement has,
I believe, been made between Adaptec (or Wildfile) and Microsoft.


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I got    Go Back    free with a Gatway Computer,
 Yes it works but it does wipe out work through that time period.
One can choose to itemize and save work  files.
If those files are the source of a virus Go Back  again and not save them.

David Merrick, SE