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RE: Flowable fill

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Table 8.1 of ACI 229R provides typical densities for low density flowable
fill.  The producer of the flowable fill could help with specific
information.  Placing the flowable fill in lifts is recommended.  Hardening
times of 3-5 hours under normal conditions have been reported in same

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has available a CD ROM titled
Flowable Fill Tool Kit that includes a guide for specifying the material.  A
hardcopy of the guide will be available later.  If you would like to
purchase these publications call the publications coordinator at
George Muste
Tel. 301.587.1400x110

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Subject: Flowable fill

We have a below grade tunnel which the contractor wants to backfill against
using flowable fill.  The walls of the tunnel are reinforced concrete and
are 14' max. tall.  I have several questions regarding the pressure the
flowable fill will generate against the walls.

1)   Is the pressure a fluid pressure or is it dependant on the rate of

2)   If it is a fluid pressure, what would be a typical unit weight for the

3)   Should the fill be placed in multiple lifts?  If so, how much time
should there be between the pouring of the lifts and how deep should the
lifts be?

Any other input is welcome.

Thank you.

Patrick Ebner, P.E.