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Re: Do we need new codes every three years?

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>I was thinking, do we really need a new building code every three years? 
Sounds to me that the UBC needs a better interpretation service, so when 
questions come up the appropriate committee gets a shot at explaning 

Seems like I'm beating it to death, but what the hell, as long as you're 
asking--the ASME Pressure Vessel Codes (with the force of law on all 50 
states, and used as such throughout most of Canada, issues a new edition 
every three years, with yearly addenda combined with errata. 
Interpretations are also provided in answer to user's questions and 
requests for clarifications. New provisions are handled as Code cases, 
which are considered temporary and used under special guidance until they 
are incorporated into the code. The system has been working like a champ 
since 1919, and has successfully kept up with all the technological 
advances the industry can throw at it. It's a pretty good model--if the 
UBC or alternatives were run half so well, this list might not be 
handling nearly as much outrage. 

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