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2000 IBC, "Unofficial" Errata, Section 1617.4.2.1, Approximate Fundamental Perio

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Refer to page 361, 2000 International Building Code, First Printing, March 

In my copy of the above 2000 International Building Code on page 361, 
Equation 16-40 has been omitted. It should read "T sub a = 0.1*N."  Note that 
Equation 16-39 is incorrect and it should read: "T sub a = C sub T * h sub n 

In other words, Equation 16-40 was omitted (blank) and Equation 16-39 is 

These two equations are used to calculate the Section 1617.4.2.1, approximate 
fundamental period of a building,

These two equations are the most fundamental equations that are used to 
calculate the fundamental period of the building, T, used in Equation 16-36..

Has anybody else discovered this error and/or other errors in the 2000 IBC?

Will the International Code Council print an erratum?  Or will we have to 
wait until the 2000 IBC Supplement?

Frank E. McClure  May 15, 2000