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RE: Formwork Design Question

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If you consider scaffolding as a false structure consider a building just
hit by a large earthquake. The exterior is damaged and the building official
requires a temporary structure around it to protect pedestrians from injury
in the event of large aftershocks. Now assume the building is four or five
stories, Unreinforced masonry with heavy veneer. The scaffolding and
pedestrian tunnel must resist the impact of falling debris, seismic forces
in order to keep it standing during subsequent after shocks and more.

I don't think seismic design of temporary structures is such a bad idea.


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Any code that requires formwork design for seismic loads is ridiculous.
What is the probability of earth quake during the life of false
structure? I'd go by 0.01 probable level earth quake during the formwork
life. See what level excitation you get.

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