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RE: Different Approach to Virus Protection?

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I don't think it will work with NT. That's the most important issue at this
time. I suggest you go to the site as there is a great deal of information
on the product

The files are stored in one large file similar to the windows swap file. The
file resides in the root directory, is hidden, write protected and a system
file. I don't really know what protects it but when looking at the file on
my drive, the date on the file is the original date it was installed and
does not appear to be constantly updated.
The only thing I am sure of here is that there is no change in performance
and that for a 40 gig drive, they would suggest dedicating 4 gigs.


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It appears I confused Goback with something else (which sounded familiar I
guess) I used several years ago. This sounds like something useful.

1) Will it work with Billy Gates' NT4?
2) How are the files stored? The big question is whether they are saved
with the same basic format. If so, what stops the worm from getting to them
3) How much space does it take? My workstation has over 40 gig in it right
now. I worry that duplicating all that stuff back several versions might
clog the system.
4) Does it slow things down appreciably?


Peter Higgins, SE