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RE: Steel-Detail: Through Plate Connections

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I agree with you.  Through plates add an unnecessary expense.  If the wall
is too thin for what ever reason (like axial loads in the beam), I tend to
reinforce the wall by using a WT welded to the HSS wall.  Slotting the walls
of HSS columns is a lot of handwork.

Harold Sprague

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> Maybe the question to ask is why are through plates being required. I know
> it looks strong, just like putting stiffeners every place there might be a
> concentrated load, however all these little things add great cost to the
> fabricated project. I would like to see some of the engineers on this list
> explain why it is necessary if the wall thickness meets the requirements
> of 9.3.3 in the HSS Manual.
> Steve Powell,P.E.
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