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Re: Seismic grade

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I am not sure of exactly what you mean by "seismic safety grade".

If you mean Evaluation then you can use FEMA 310 (used to be FEMA 178).

If you mean a single number that describes the state of the building then you want to use a Probable Maximum Loss (PML) approach.

There are no programs that would perform a FEMA 310 evaluation for you, you need an engineer for that. There are programs and simple methods of estimating a PML.

Please email me if you have more questions. I have performed a lot of FEMA 310 and PML evaluations.

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>>> Jorge Ortega <jorgejrol(--nospam--at)> 05/13/00 08:46AM >>>
I would like to know if exist a process to calculate
the seismic safety grade of any building. Maybe using
a software.
Thank you.
Jorge Ortega.

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