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RE: Do we need new codes every three years?

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You sound like an ad for NFPA who are in the process of writing their own
building code to compete with IBC. Have a look at

As a now grizzled veteran of the draconian ICBO/ICC process, I'm all for
it, and wish these guys the best.

I particularly like the part about where they question the holiest of
touchstones that building officials are the sole repository of wisdom for
building safety, and therefore have self anoited themselves as the only
persons with a vote.

NFPA is all for democracy via an ANSI style writing/revision process. I
suspect a lot of the foolishness in IBC would be unlikely to survive that
kind of review. On the other hand we don't have a bunch of suppliers trying
to get on committees to have their proprietary stuff written in.

Perhaps it takes a bureaucracy to bead a bureaucracy.

Peter Higgins