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RE: Steel Tank Foundations

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Mark, are you talking about "flat bottom storage tanks"? The foundation
design for those is typically a  simple ringwall around the perimeter, which
both supports the tank wall, and acts as a "tension ring" to retain the
earth inside it, which transmits active pressure loads from the liquid.
When I worked at CBI years ago, we simply made sure the bearing at the base
of the ringwall was sufficient to handle the tank wall loads (including
where necessary the tributary portion of the roof), and then made sure that
we had enough "hoop steel" to handle the ring tension from the active earth
pressure. It was a simple design really.

(P.S. If there was a problem with bearing, we added an annualar footing for
the ringwall).
I seem to remember seeing an article in the Structural Engineer's Handbook
regarding this very design process.
Let me know if this helped, or if you're talking something completely


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List members, 

Does anyone know of any good references/texts on foundation design for
circular steel tanks for liquid storage? 


Mark McCormick 


Mark McCormick, P. Eng.

ADI Limited

Fredericton, NB



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