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Re: Steel frame in the coastal environment?

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Agreed. The maintenance of an offshore platform can be difficult and
expensive. However, many sheltered elements only get painted once during
their life. A shoreline building foundation is similar to sheltered

Also, there are coatings available for buildings which we would never
consider for offshore structures.

Hot dip galvanizing for example works well for "building" sized members,
and sheet piling, but we'd never find a tank big enough to take an oil
platform pier, nor would it last long in an intertidal zone. For a shore
based building however it is common.

Weathering steels are another option, but cannot be used in an offshore
platform since the coating never gets the chance to fully form in the
intertidal zone. However, we make sheet piling of it all the time.

Properly selected such protection is neither excessively expensive to apply
the first time, nor ornerous to maintain.

I should have chosen another example. (my own house is structural steel on
the Pacific coast if that helps, and corrosion is far down the list of

Peter Higgins, SE