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RE: More On Ungrouted Baseplates for Traffic Signal/SignageStruc ture s

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The PCI Design Handbook for precast and prestressed concrete has a procedure
for designing this type of baseplate and anchorage.  It is in Section 6.10
of the Third Edition.  Their procedure is actually for erection and
temporary loads prior to grouting, but in precast concrete work those loads
can be pretty significant.  They do use bond between the anchors and
concrete in addition to bearing on the hook or bolt head, but you wouldn't
have to.  Anyway, they have a simple formula for sizing the base plate to
bear on the bolts instead of the grout.

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc
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Eau Claire, WI 54703

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> Struc ture s
> But this only PARTIALLY answers my question (which, I'll admit, probably
> wasn't framed in such a way to catch all of it).
> HOW do you design the anchor bolt embedments?
> If it is a "mechanical anchor" I suppose the old "tried and true" method
> of
> ACI 349 might pertain (surely we don't count the "bond strength" between
> the
> smoot anchor bolt and the concrete).
> But a "pull out cone" only gets you so much; there is a point beyond which
> further embedment is pointless.
> I'm just out of my comfy paradigm here and need some further opinions.
> Is the study or studies mentioned by you below, available anywhere on the
> 'net?