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Re: ASTM A 193 B7

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>From ASTM A 193 - 94b

 Grade B7 - Minimum yield strength    2-1/2" dia. and under - 105 ksi
                                       over 2-1/2" dia to 4" dia - 95 ksi
                                       over 4" dai to 7" dia - 75 ksi

ASTM A 687 -93  Minimum yield strength - 105 ksi

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Subject:  ASTM A 193 B7

Believe it or not, we don't have a set of ASTM standards available! Go

Anyway, could someone give me the low-down on the yield strengths of the

A 193 B7

A ASTM A 687

If possible (assuming you have the ASTM on CD-ROM), could anyone email me
the relevant pages covering these standards?