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Re: Periodicity of code changes.

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As long as someone profits from publishing the code every 3 years regardless 
of errors, and without any liability, the code, will be published. 
Realistically, is there that much scientific data warranting the publication 
of a new code on a regular interval? (If the answer is yes than by all means 
there should be some sort of amendment to the code) Has full scale testing 
been done to back up the changes to the 97 UBC, or was it a compromise? We 
all know that the code had to be rushed out by a specific deadline, and now 
we're paying the penalty for an ambiguously written and untested code.

In a message dated 5/16/00 11:17:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time, allen(--nospam--at) 

<< My ex-partner always said that there was never enough time to do a project 
right the first time, but always enough time to do it right when the claims 
came in!
 Can't we learn and do it right the first time?
 James Allen P.E,