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RE: Moment Frame Connections

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Please refer to this site for information regarding welded moment frames.


Also on home page on the upper right hand corner there is
a lot of information on this.

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	Subject:	Moment Frame Connections

	It seems this subject may have been discussed before, but I
	am in quite a discussion at the moment on this subject.  My
	question is:  Under what conditions, if any, are welded up
	moment frame connections allowed in a seismic zone 3 or 4.
	What restrictions, qualifications, requirements for use?  I
	work in seismic zone 3, somewhat isolated and have been
	using bolted moment frames since Northridge.  I am still
	noticing welded up moment connections, and I'm wondering
	what they know that I don't to be able to do this.

	Joseph R. Grill, P.E.