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RE: redundancy factor

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Wait until you get to the IBC 2000.  In calculating the rho factor, they
limit r (did they really mean rho?  :<)  ) by the statement: "shall not be
less than 1.0, and need not exceed 1.5" (Section 1617.2.2). 

Since rmaxi is defined as "the ratio of the design story shear resisted by
the most heavily loaded single element in the story to the total story
shear, for a given direction of loading" the effect would be to raise
calculated rho values because this wording would assign from 1 to 1.5 times
the TOTAL STORY SHEAR  to the single most heavily loaded element.
Personally, I think this is yet another formula screw-up in the IBC as I
assume it is intended to be basically the same as the 97UBC which limits rho
to being within this range.  But one never knows........  [ROTFL].

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland  CA

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	The definition of r(max) used in the redundancy equation is based on
	worst case that occurs below the 2/3 point of the building for a
	direction (1630.1.1).  Hence, if your first floor requires 1.2 in
	direction, you must use 1.2 on your second floor in that direction,
	Paul Crocker

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	Subject: redundancy factor

	Let say you are designing a two story building and in your
redundancy check
	you calc. out redundancy= 1.0 for all the second story force but
once you
	are in the first floor you calc. out a redundancy=1.2 on one
direction. Now
	my question is do you must increase the second story force in the
	direction by the 1.2 factor or you just do the 1.2 increase in the
	floor at that specific direction ?
	any help will be much appreciated.
	Francisco Duarte,E.I.T.