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RE: redundancy factor

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The redundancy factor applies to the entire structure. However, in
calculating Rho the value of "r (max)" is obtained as the largest element
story shear ratio for the lower 2/3 height of the building. For a two story
building, I would used the max "r" of any element for the entire building
and calculate Rho.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	redundancy factor

	Let say you are designing a two story building and in your
redundancy check you calc. out redundancy= 1.0 for all the second story
force but once you are in the first floor you calc. out a redundancy=1.2 on
one direction. Now my question is do you must increase the second story
force in the same direction by the 1.2 factor or you just do the 1.2
increase in the first floor at that specific direction ?
	any help will be much appreciated.
	Francisco Duarte,E.I.T.