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RE: HEA340

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HEA340 (acc. to Euronorm 53)
Depth: 330 mm (Yes, it is 330)
Width: 300 mm
Web thickness: 9.5 mm
Flange  thickness: 16.5 mm
Root radius: 27 mm
A: 13300 mm^2
Ixx: 276.9x10^6 mm^4
Wpl.xx: 1850x10^3 mm^3
Wel.xx: 1680x10^3 mm^3
rxx: 144 mm
Iyy: 74.4x10^6 mm^4
Wpl.yy: 756x10^3 mm^3 (Calculated, this is not a table value)
Wel.yy: 496x10^mm^3
ryy: 74.6 mm
Iv: 1280x10^3 mm^4 (Torsional constant, I think you call it J...)
Iw: 1820x10^9 mm^6 (...and this one Cw)

Hope this helps

Gunnar Hafsteinn Isleifsson

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Anyone out there have dimensions for an HEA 340 beam?
please respond to lvta(--nospam--at)
Ken Peoples
Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
Northampton, PA

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