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Public Fence Sliding Gate Lateral Load

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Regarding the design of fence sliding gates used in areas accessed by the
public, are prescribed lateral design loads available(similar to that used
for stairs and ramp guardrails) which account for spectator use? This is an
issue with a particular project which I'm involved since the gate supporting
columns are structure supported(i.e., precast concrete double tees with
concrete topping) in lieu of ground supported. The gate is 10 feet high with
the framing consisting of HSS's as the horizontal top and bottom and
intermediate vertical framing with 2" square wire mesh as the fabric infill.
I'm presently using wind load(assuming a sign with openings/open lattice
framework condition) as the lateral load but am now wondering if I'm being
too conservative. Naturally, the project specs do not provide any gate
prescribed lateral design loads.


Charlie Canitz, PE