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RE: Public Fence Sliding Gate Lateral Load

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Your right.  This is an area that does not have much guidance.  

If the gate is just for pedestrian traffic, I would look at the guard rail
LL ( 50 plf or 200 lb concentrated load) requirements as well as the wind
and seismic.  If the gate area has potential for passenger vehicle impact, I
would look at the vehicle barrier loads (6000 lbs).  If the gate area has
potential for truck vehicle impact, I would look at the AASHTO vehicle
barrier loads (10 kips).  Obviously there is a lot more definition to these
loads in the various UBC or AASHTO codes.

For the wind loads:
If the wire mesh is cylindrical, you should consider the Open Signs &
Lattice Frameworks Cf values on p 67 of the ASCE 7-98.  It is the best thing
written to date that covers your application.  It has a provision for
rounded members and for the ratio of solid to gross area.

The ASCE 7-98 is the best yet for wind loads.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Public Fence Sliding Gate Lateral Load
> Regarding the design of fence sliding gates used in areas accessed by the
> public, are prescribed lateral design loads available(similar to that used
> for stairs and ramp guardrails) which account for spectator use? This is
> an
> issue with a particular project which I'm involved since the gate
> supporting
> columns are structure supported(i.e., precast concrete double tees with
> concrete topping) in lieu of ground supported. The gate is 10 feet high
> with
> the framing consisting of HSS's as the horizontal top and bottom and
> intermediate vertical framing with 2" square wire mesh as the fabric
> infill.
> I'm presently using wind load(assuming a sign with openings/open lattice
> framework condition) as the lateral load but am now wondering if I'm being
> too conservative. Naturally, the project specs do not provide any gate
> prescribed lateral design loads.
> TIA,
> Charlie Canitz, PE