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RE: How to check your Internet security

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FWIW, since we've been discussing this vis a vis broadband, I am expecting
delivery today or tomorrow of a Linksys DSL/Cable Modem Router. The thing
was about $160.00, and allows you to set up a REAL, PHYSICAL firewall almost

The REAL advantage to using it for my small home network is that I can now
use TCP/IP networking throughout. Up until now, I have been using NETBEUI
between my Windows machines, in accordance with Steve Gibson's
recommendations per

However, I do have a Linux server running email and web service, and I can't
share files between the Linux box and the windoze machines, because Linux
only does NETBEUI in a lame, crippled sort of way (BTW, that's not the fault
of Linux, but of NETBEUI which was never intended to be used as a robust
networking system).

Also, after I have the router up, I can use ANY machine for ANY Internet
server task, since you can do port forwarding with the router. And yet it
won't let the "bad guys" in. And the router is FastEthernet. To me, it is a
fantastic deal, and I'm gonna be having fun this weekend setting it up. BTW,
setup is supposed to be pretty easy, since it comes with firmware with an
HTML interface that allows you to set everything using a web browser.

I'll give you all a report as to how it went after I get everything working.

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