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RE: A588 Weathering Steel

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Title: RE: A588 Weathering Steel

>I ... would like to use WT top and bottom chords and WF
>beams and stringers but I am having trouble finding out how
>readily available these members are in weathering steel.

You can almost always get just about any grade of steel you want if you get to a mill order (normally 20 tons) of a given shape. If you have less, then atypical steel grades are harder to find, but not impossible. A588 is actually a pretty common material thanks to the bridge market. Check out the link below to the Steel Service Center's list of service centers and producers. You should be able to find a producer or service center in that listing who could advise you.

Better yet, talk to a fabricator about it, since they would have to buy it for the project. If you'd like some fabricator contacts, just email me privately.