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RE: Cold-Formed Steel Design Software

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I have been using CFS by Bob Glauz out of Missouri Raliegh. 816-524-5596 Believe he has a web site now also. Have talked with Brad Beczkalo 770-944-1828 out of Atlanta who has been doing light gage for almost 20 years and likes CFS or at least he did a couple of years ago. I have done some 5 & 6 story load bearing light gage with the program. Dean Peyton at dpeyton(--nospam--at) has also been quite involved with light gage. They have done some 8 story buildings. Not sure the software being utlized.

The program allows you to easily create almost any shape you want even built up members. It gives you effective sections, web crippling, deflections, etc. Look into it.

James Lane, P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer

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