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RE: easy one - latest AISC Code of Standard Practice?

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Title: RE: easy one - latest AISC Code of Standard Practice?

>What is the current edition of the AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges?

You're question is an extremely timely one, Ken. We just finished an update of the AISC Code of Standard Practice that got posted on the AISC web site today. How's that for real time?! It is dated March 7, 2000 and can be downloaded here:

Paper versions will be available as soon as we have them back from our printer, but the *.pdf you can download is identical to what will be available in printed form.

Perhaps I am optimistic, but I think you will like what you see in the new Code. A general summary of the changes appears in the Preface. Also indicated in the Preface, the membership of the AISC Code Committee was expanded for the writing of this version to include a broad group of interested segments of the steel design community and construction industry, including six structural engineers, two architects, one general contractor, seven fabricators, one steel detailer, three erectors and one attorney.

Thanks to Ken's timely question, you will all be the first on your block to see the new AISC Code of Standard Practice. You'll hear more about it in a coming issue of AISC's Modern Steel Construction magazine.