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California SE exam

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I am planning to take the California SE exam this fall (before they made it
too easy to pass :)).

Does anybody have any recommendation on a preparation course or a manual
that I can buy in order prepare for the exam.  I am also interested in the
previous year exam solved problems.  The professional engineering
development publications offer 12!!!! Volume set of Structural manuals
costing more than $500.  I'd prefer to spend something in the $100 - $200
range for the book.  Did anybody ever used these manuals after the exam is
over.  Do you know if it covers seismic for 1997 code?

I tried to search the list server archives for the previous discussions
about the preparation materials or preparation courses in San Francisco Bay
Area.  I didn't find too much useful information.

I appreciate your help.

Alexander Sasha Itsekson
Berkeley, CA
(510) 527-7223 ext. 209